Our Motto:

”THAMASO MA JYOTHIR GAMAYA” is our motto.We give quality education to all students.School is aimed to mould the total personality of a child;developing his mind ,sharpening his intellect ,nurturing his creativity, strengthening his body and above all enriching the character and importing to him the values that make him a good human being and good citizen.



         Indian Public School is located at Kannoor 6 ½ Kms away from Koyilandy and 3 Kms awayfrom Ulliyeri on the state highway of Koyilandy Balussery route.It is situated in Ulliyeri GramaPanchayath.In addition to the main institution ,one section of classes locates at Koyilandy Town.The institution is owned and managed by’The National Educational (Charitable)Trust’.School is founded in 1998 fulfilling a long cherished dream of starting a full fledged CBSE English medium School at Koyilandy.Indian Public School is the first CBSE affiliated school in Koyilandy area.Affiliation is sanctioned on 1-4-2000 and the affiliation No. is 930388 …..read more

Principal’s message

Education is the most of powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”-Nelson Mandela. We are practising the updated systems, introduced by CBSE and NCERT successfully and preparing the students ready to grow as world citizens. Starting in 1998-99, during the past years school achieved great progress. Every year in the All India Secondary School Examination our students shows colourful performance scoring 100% result with high marks. We give chance to students to develop their inborn talents through Kalotsav, Club activities and many other celebrations. read more

Chairman’s message

Indian Public School was formed in 1998 from the dream of some gentle personalities in Koyilandy and is the first CBSE School in this area.Its managed by a Charitable organization –“National Education Charitable Trust”.The main concern of education is the holistic development of the child. In our institution we give importance to acquire knowledge and integrate human values.Qualitative citizens are the wealth of a nation.

Our Education Policy

We Indian Public School, consider education as the integral formation of the human being for the fulfillment of his/her individual and social responsibilities.

Our educational endeavors aim at forming leaders who are intellectually competent, spiritually mature,morally upright ,psychologically integrated, physically healthy and socially acceptable, who will champion the cause of justice, love, truth and peace and who are ever open to further growth.read more..