Principal's Message

“Education is the most of powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”-Nelson Mandela We are practicing the updated systems,introduced by CBSE and NCERT successfully and preparing the students ready to grow as a world citizen. Started in 1998-99,during the passed years school achieved great progress. Every year in the All India Secondary School Examination our students shows colourful performance scoring 100% result with high marks. We give chance to students to develop their inborn talents through Kalotsav ,Club activities and many other celebrations . To develop good performance, discipline ,character,attitudes etc among students the co-operation of parents,teachers authorities etc are needed. For this we have a good P T A in our institution.Right from the child hood,to a large part of adolescence,the human development is nurtured and nursed by teachers.we have trained,qualified and experienced teachers,who are kind comforting,helpful ,supportive and resourceful. Our prayer to the unknown power is “Bless our hearts granding the ability ,strength and right view To hold the hands and guide the pure innocent souls to take them through the steps pleasently, Without falling to the higher levels to lead them through the stones and thorns of life. So bright , right and raising their heads straight,to make Indian Public School a centre of wisdom and achieve the Motto of our institution”Thamasoma Jyothirgamaya”.